We love to play outside at Green Lane Nursery, and keep our garden full of adventures for the children to explore. We play outside in almost all weathers, having a NoMow lawn area to enable us to do this. Our willow den makes a lovely little reading area, or we encourage the children to use it as a house for their imaginative games. We also have a fort and a boat, which also encourage lovely role play – and climbing practice! The children make some delicious meals and drinks in the Mud Kitchen (actual sampling is discouraged!) and tree climbing is supported too. The older children love to build obstacle courses from tyres and scaffolding planks, then balance their way across imaginary swamps! We have climbing equipment to support children’s physical development, and a range of trikes, bikes and scooters for strength, co-ordination and problem solving. Loose parts of wood, pipes and crates encourage children to use their imaginations and create their own games. At Green Lane Nursery, we know that outdoors is the place where lots of children prefer to learn, so our practitioners plan activities and experiences every week to nurture this.


Garden Room

As the name suggests, this is an additional play space, located in the garden! We have lots of sensory activities in here, including a projector and disco ball, and lovely coloured lighting. Children can explore textures, shapes and weights through heuristic play collections, which means playing with items that aren’t intended as toys. These might be pots, pans and kitchen utensils, mug trees and bangles, all kinds of exciting bits and bobs. This is also a lovely space for small groups to enjoy stories and listening games, or just spend some time together learning about how to build friendships.


If you are interested in learning more about Green Lane Nursery for your child you can fill in an enquiry form here and leave us your details for a member of our team to look at and get back to you. Make sure you check out the photo gallery to see more of our facilities here at Green Lane Nursery and what our children will be getting upto!